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Construction & Architectural Solutions

Cebelio offers a range solutions to meet the needs of both Construction and Architectural industries. From our Commercial Roofing, through to our Architectural decking, you can design and build with confidence using our range of materials. 

While Cebelio stocks a range of materials we also extend our precision cutting and fabrication in-house services. We can cut holes, bevel edges, cut angles and convert our materials into finished products. All customised to your requirements, and all under one roof

Commercial & Architectural Solutions

Solar Pro Corrugated & Twinwall Roofing

Designed in Australia and made to withstand the southern hemispheres harsh conditions. It's tough, UV resistant, Corrosion Resistant and comes with a 10-year-limited Warranty.

Sneeze Guards & Sneeze Barriers

Barriers, Dividers, Safety Shields, Antimicrobial cladding, Pandemic Protector or sneeze guards (as we call them at Cebelio) continue to be in very high demand, even post Covid-19.

Protective and Security Screening

Ensuring health & safety is critical for today's businesses. The installation of protective barriers or dividers are used in healthcare facilities, retail stores, convenience stores and more.

Sidewalk Partition Screening

Developed to overcome installation challenges, our Barriers can be used for commercial exterior and interior applications. Perfect as a barrier for sidewalks or to partition off areas to assist with crowd control.

Windbreaks & Decorative Screening

Architects & builders alike turn to us to produce windbreaks that also provide an element of privacy. Cebelio has a range of materials and options and precision cutting services to suit many applications

Decking, Fencing & Cladding by Futurewood

Overcome the familiar challenges of working with timber. Cebelio's Eco Decking, Eco Cladding, and Eco fencing is easy to install with virtually no maintenance to minimize up-keep costs.

cebelioDiscuss your project with our experienced team

At Cebelio you can work directly with the craftsmen to discuss your project in depth. 

All members of our team have experience working with a range of industries, we have extensive knowledge of our materials as well as their limitations and capabilities. Simply use the contact form below and one of our skilled team members will get in touch with you. 

If you prefer you can give us a call, or pop in to see us in person. 

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