Dispensing Units

We make custom dispensing units.


Cebelio BNT Plastics offer unmatched fabrication services. Custom made point-of-sale dispensing units are available using our comprehensive fabrication services.

Cebelio can fabricate custom designed pieces or duplicate an existing design, from a one-off prototype, to multiple units.

Typically, acrylic is used for Display applications and our fabrications include various retail display units, display cabinets, brochure holders, menu holders, trophies and brochure stand to name a few.

Our expert fabricators have extensive experience in supplying the highest-quality custom-crafted plastics products for all types of commercial, industrial and retail applications.

We can effectively meet any of your custom fabrication needs, we also offer design assistance and material selection services to ensure that you get the best product possible.

Our Extensive Fabrication Services include:
• Strip Heat Bending
• Drape forming
• UV Solvent and Adhesive bonding
• Polishing / Buffing
• Welding
• Custom Moulding/Casting of various plastic materials
• CNC Routing
• Quality inspections on all parts
• Laser Cutting
• Proto-typing
• General Plastic fabrication and Design assistance