Polyethylene Sheet – HDPE

Fantastic for bait or filleting boards HDPE or PE100 is a great choice.


Polyethylene is more widely used today than any other thermoplastic. It is available in a number of different grades LDPE, HDPE (boat board) HMWPE and UHWPE,depending on the specific application. We carry stock of UHWPE, PE100 and HDPE  with other grades available on request.


In general terms polyethylene is a very tough and versatile material. It has good chemical resistance and good electrical insulation properties. It is food grade and has good resistance to temperature, being able to operate in the range of -50C to 80C  though this does vary from grade to grade. The material has good abrasion resistance and is thermoformable and weldable.

Uses / Applications

Because of the versatility of Polyethylene, the applications are extremely varied. It is used widely in the automotive industry for pick-up truck bed-liners, in the meat and food industries for cutting boards and is used as a wet wall liner. Other applications are wharf fenders and artificial limbs.


In PE100 We carry stock in 3000 x 1500 in black and white, gauges range from 3.0mm to 30mm

In HDPE (Boat Board) and UHWPE we carry in White Sheet size of 1300 x 2400 and typically in a gauge of 12.0mm

We also stock PET


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