Polycarbonate Film

designed to meet the diverse requirements of both screen printers and end users


Polycarbonate Film (PC) is an extruded graphic film designed to meet the diverse requirements of both screen printers and end users.

The excellent clarity and strength enhance the use of colour with little loss of depth or vividness in protected second surface printing. This film is not just durable, but is also an easy substrate to print on, offering excellent ink adhesion and not requiring pre-treatment.


PC Film offers excellent clarity and is virtually haze free, irrespective of thickness. Easily screen printed with no special surface preparation required and is compatible with many UV and standard solvent-based inks. The great heat stability means a close tolerance in registration even after repeated heat and drying cycles. In use performance up to 132 degrees Celcius. Compliant with UL and other flammability codes.

Uses / Applications

Excellent for LED/LCD windows and is often used for nameplates and push button covers in electrical applications like dishwashers and washing machines. PC Film is also very popular for screen printed business cards or applications where toughness and durability are required.

Available sizes

We generally carry PC Film in a sheet size of 1220 x 915 mm and in gauges from 0.180 to 0.38mm. Textured finishes are available on request in 50 sheet packs of matt / velvet.

We can source other sizes and textures on request


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