EcoDecking -EntrancePath

Eco Composite Decking - Seals Seaworld

Plexiglas panels for overhead glazing

Eco Composite Decking Ash Grey in Wigram

Shower liners can be made to order

Plexiglas panels for overhead glazing

Solar Pro Polycarbonate roofing - 10 year warranty

EcoDecking-in Walnut-Christchurch

Splashback - using Plexiglas acrylic

Footpath sign from ACM

Corflute used for signage

PVC used for signage

Routered Constructa-board letters

Polypropylene for packaging and print

Snap Frames and Brochure stands

Lasered Acrylic letters

ACM sign with lasered acrylic letters

Polyproplene Mudflaps- Made to order

Made from HIPS- vaccuum formed Cutlery tray

Cutting Board from HDPE

Vaccuum formed ABS-Coke Open Fridge

Upstand- Router cut from Polyethelyne

Industrial Water Tank made from Polyproplene

Fabricated 3D lettering

Trophy Fabrication

Acrylic Display case

Fabrication of Pastics

Brochure stand made from Perspex

Black Perspex fabricated letter

Vaccuum formed Plexiglas Dome

CNC cutting of MDF

CNC Routering of Road Signs

Router_cutting_drexels-Signs custom made

Laser cutting Acrylic

Router Cutting Drex

Name plate - laser cut to requirments by Cebelio

Laser cutting of Acrylic Shapes

Router Cut - to your requirements

CNC ROuter- cutting signage

Acrylic Trophy Stnad - Laser engraved



EcoDecking-in Walnut-Christchurch


Corflute used for signage


ACM Panel

Polypropylene for packaging and print

Acrylic Display Unit-custom Design

Footpath sign from ACM

A4-Tshaped Menu Holders

Rigid PVC sheets as POS sign 510

Snap Frames

Acrylic Display Units -Bulk Order- fabricated with Precision

Perspex-cut to size

Point of Sale

Bulk Food Dispensing Units

Boat Window-Made from Template with Plexiglas

ABS tray - Vacuum formed

ACM used for Trailer box

food grade chopping board 510

Tread Ply - Non Skid Plywood

Polyproplene Mudflaps- Made to order - Black or White



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