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Customer Testimonials

The eco decking we had installed over a year ago has lived up to everything we thought it would. Being made of recycled materials is a great advantage and it’s showing no signs of deterioration or need of maintenance.
M and A Gibbs

Eco Decking

This acrylic sheet was a perfect replacement for my old plate glass garage windows. Thanks for the great product and service.

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We are delighted with the finished result, and I found the products easy to work with.
As a DIY project, I found it far easier than laying the hardwood decking I had previously used.
Thank you so much for your help and service.
Andrew and Pamela

Eco Decking


Cebelio Holdings (inc BNT Plastics)

22 Tanner St
Christchurch 8023

Ph: 03 338 7050

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